Performing in the present

A demonstration of our mindfulness that we must always deliver on our day-to-day operational needs

Deliver quality service in the face of growing demands

We will continue to provide quality services to members, employers and trustees. While this is a fundamental action, it is increasingly challenging as the number and complexity of service events increase, plan membership grows and plans change and diverge in design. Other services, such as financial statement preparation, face increasingly complex standards and disclosure requirements.

To sustain service levels in this environment, we must gain efficiencies from previous and ongoing investments in technology and ensure we have the right staff with the right skills to perform new tasks.

Shape our changing workforce and advance a positive employee experience

We must ensure our workforce has the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform today and meet future business needs. Leadership plays a critical role in enabling staff to thrive in moving our organization forward. We want our employees to have a positive experience from the time they hear about us and throughout their employment.

Over 2018–2021, we will do the following:

  • Actively promote ourselves as a professional, forward-thinking corporation with a strong sense of organizational community to attract, recruit and retain a skilled workforce for today and into the future
  • Tailor development activities that bridge skill gaps to directly enable our strategies, evolve our workforce characteristics and meet our future succession needs
  • Support our leaders as they embrace their accountability for people leadership and inspire their employees to reach their highest performance
  • Become a more flexible, mobile workplace that promotes the physical, mental, and social health and wellness of our employees

Maintain our systems

We will ensure our systems are highly available, secure and compliant. This means continually updating our pension administration software and infrastructure with independent security testing. It also means keeping pension, tax and actuarial information current to ensure pension benefit calculations are accurate and compliant with legislation, regulation and plan rules.

Over 2018–2021, we will do the following:

  • Ensure secure solutions are available by keeping systems current and security patches applied
  • Apply best practice frameworks during development, testing and deployment of system changes
  • Conduct an independent security vulnerability assessment twice each year; this assessment is broad in scope and tests infrastructure, applications, social engineering and physical security
  • Keep pension calculation information current by identifying and applying appropriate monthly, quarterly and annual updates to pension administration systems (e.g., our retired member payment system, standalone calculators, web applications) and ensuring quality assurance is conducted on all pension calculators
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