Strategic actions

The most forward-thinking actions we must take to ensure we are able to meet the changing needs and expectations of those we serve

Modernize how we get work done

We will re-engineer and modernize the way we receive, process, measure, monitor, manage and control automated and non-automated pension transactions. To do so, we will implement two solutions:

  • Case management—to use with employers as we integrate them into the end-to-end transaction process, from enrolment to remitting front-end validated data for retiring and terminating members (among other uses)

  • Workflow management—to enable improved workforce productivity and operational efficiency

Automate approval and payment processing for retirement and termination transactions

By implementing case and workflow management, we will then be able to build the capability to automatically approve and process retirement and termination transactions straight through to pay. We will implement this capability beyond 2021.

Once implemented, the business process will identify transactions for automated approval and payment, and direct non-automated transactions to qualified staff, who will complete and reintroduce the transactions back into the automated process to finalize the benefit payment.

As well, we will partner with group benefit carriers to do the following:

  • Automate group benefit enrolment and premium deductions for retiring members through the online retirement application process

  • Enable self-serve group benefit administration (enrolment, additions, deletions, cancellations and payment options) for retired members

Furthermore, we will expand service management to more employers. This means we will be proactively reaching out and working closely with more employers to improve the reliability and quality of the data we receive. We will increase employer knowledge about their plan responsibilities, reducing work for them and us. We will implement front-end data validation, notifying employers in real time if the retirement and termination data they submit contains errors or inconsistencies.

Develop business insights by introducing and maturing business analytics

We will become an insights-driven organization, driving greater business value through better management decisions informed by enhanced information management. This means we will move from providing hindsight or oversight reporting on what has already happened, to providing more effective foresight on key business activities. Ultimately, this will lead to greater insight into our business with increased evidence-based (not anecdotal) decision making.

Over 2018–2021, developing insights will allow us to do the following:

  • Optimize content to meet member needs

  • Identify opportunities to optimize channels of choice and simplify tasks

  • Increase operational efficiency and manage risk appropriately through a robust control framework

Improved business decisions and better information to stakeholders allows us to provide the following:

  • To plan boards—improved information on service delivery outcomes to enhance their trust and confidence in the services we provide

  • To management—better and more timely information regarding core operations to support faster decision making and improve our operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • To the executive and corporate board—dashboard information on business activities and outcomes, including service cost, cost allocation and risk issues, as a way to measure overall corporate health

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