Our nine-year strategic plan
Plan 20|30: Our Future is Insight
is the road map to our future

Plan 20|30: Our Future is Insight

Plan 20|30 guides us from 2021 to 2030.

Our strategic plan is grounded in three aspirations to help us achieve our purpose: to create peace of mind. Our aspirations are operational excellence – optimize quality, cost and service; service innovation – bring new services to life; and influence – be thought leaders and support the plans to increase the number of members. 

Five objectives will bring these aspirations to life:

  • Strengthen efficiency and quality in everything we do

  • Focus on our people and culture

  • Elevate the member and employer experience

  • Proactively support the evolving needs of the plans

  • Partner with plans to increase their membership

Our work is planned in three waves. Each wave is three years with its own specific outcomes, actions and measures of success.


Wave 1 focused on operational excellence to strengthen quality and efficiency in everything we do, and our people and culture to ensure we have the workforce to lead us into the future.

Wave 2 continues to focus on operational excellence through stronger quality and efficiency throughout the organization. We will see service innovation through enhanced and expanded services for members and employers. Influence will come to life through more proactive, insightful support to the plans in their desire to grow.

Wave 3 will continue to focus on our broader influence. We will enhance our thought leadership capacity and partner with the plans to increase membership. People and culture will remain a focus.

We are in Wave 2, and our future is insight

Read the Wave 2 plan



Our future state

In 2030, we will achieve our objectives and realize our aspirations for operational excellence, service innovation and influence. We will be an insights-driven organization. Our staff will be inspired by the culture and enabled to work at their best every day. We will be a recognized expert and influential voice in the pension landscape while serving more members. Our outcomes will show higher quality, more efficiency, better value and service, and increased satisfaction from all stakeholders.


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