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Message from the CEO, Laura Nashman



Who we are

BC Pension Corporation is one of the largest pension service providers in Canada. One in nine British Columbians is a member of a pension plan we serve.

What we do

We connect people to their pension at all stages of their life. We pay pensions, and provide expert pension services and trusted thought leadership to create an exceptional experience. We are leaders; we drive innovation in our industry.



Why we do it

peace of mind

at our best

How we do it

At our best, we are professional and forward-thinking with a strong sense of community inside and outside the organization.



What does being at our best look like every day? We take action and we’re courageous. We ask tough questions; we continuously learn and adapt to change. We build bridges within and outside the organization. We seek to understand, and by doing so, we create new possibilities. Above all, we deliver on promises; we are each 100 per cent accountable for playing our part.

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Our values in action

How we got here

Our Plan 20|30 is grounded in multi-industry research, stakeholder consultation, future forecasting, and a deep understanding of the pension world and how we fit in it. We see an environment that is increasingly complex, with evolving service expectations in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Our vision

operational excellence

Operational excellence

optimize quality, cost and service

service innovation

Service innovation

bring new services to life



be thought leaders and support the plans to increase the number of members

Where we’re going

Plan 20|30 is grounded in three aspirations: operational excellence – optimize quality, cost and service; service innovation – bring new services to life; and influence – be thought leaders and support the plans to increase the number of members.

Our objectives

Five objectives will bring these aspirations to life



Strengthen efficiency and quality in everything we do

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We will digitize the information we receive and distribute, automate processes for more seamless work and greater efficiency, and harness data to gain meaningful insights and drive better decision making.


  • Digitize information
  • Automate processes to be more reliable, flexible and efficient
  • Reinvest efficiency gains to areas that need support
  • Strengthen the protection of member information


  • Success = an efficient, cost-effective, quality-driven organization with tight security on member data


Focus on our people and culture



We will have meaningful purpose-driven work, where staff make an impact, are accountable and grow. 


  • Design our workplace with the future in mind
  • Increase learning and growth opportunities
  • Strengthen accountability
  • Create an inspiring corporate culture that attracts, engages and retains staff


  • Success = a more accountable, empowered and engaged workforce with the skills and expertise that will lead us into the future


Elevate the member and employer experience

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We will have excellence in digital and personal service to members and employers that evolves to meet their needs, and elevates pension literacy and members’ retirement readiness.


  • Increase digital self-serve options
  • Leverage insights to drive decision making
  • Improve financial literacy


  • Success = a trusted, agile organization that rapidly evolves with client expectations and helps improve members’ retirement readiness


Proactively support the evolving needs of the plans

tab 4


We will provide trustees reliable and proactive service that is accurate, timely and insightful.


  • Expand our plan advisory services
  • Strengthen systems to respond quickly to plan board needs
  • Become an active voice in the evolving Canadian retirement landscape


  • Success = proactively identify and address plan needs, deliver quality insights, and be recognized as thought leaders on workplace pensions and retirement




Partner with plans to increase their membership

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We will expand our role as a strategic partner to the plans’ boards of trustees to increase plan membership.


  • Support the plans in building their membership
  • Promote the advantages of pension plans


  • Success = more plan members, which further strengthens the plans’ sustainability



Our three waves

Our approach to deliver on these objectives and achieve our aspirations will span three waves. Each wave is three years with its own specific outcomes, actions and measures of success. If you'd like to learn more about our next three years, please read our Wave 1 report.


wave 1

Wave 1 will focus on operational excellence to strengthen efficiency and quality in everything we do, and on our people and culture to ensure we have the workforce to lead us into the future.

Emphasis on objectives 1 and 2

wave 1 iconswave 1 icons

wave 2 logo

Wave 2 will focus on service innovation to enhance the member and employer experience, and introduce new services. People and culture will continue to be a focus.

Emphasis on objectives 2 and 3

wave 2 iconswave 2 icons

wave 3

Wave 3 will focus on our broader influence. We will enhance our thought leadership capacity and partner with the plans to increase membership. People and culture will remain a focus.

Emphasis on objectives 4 and 5

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our three waves
Operational excellence
Operational excellence
Service innovation
Service innovation
Future is now

our future collage


Our future state

In 2030, we will achieve our objectives and realize our aspirations for operational excellence, service innovation and influence. We will be an insights-driven organization. Our staff will be inspired by the culture and enabled to work at their best every day. We will be a recognized expert and influential voice in the pension landscape while serving more members. Our outcomes will show higher quality, more efficiency, better value and service, and increased satisfaction from all stakeholders.

our future in waves